e-Classroom – The Future of Education

Electronic Classrooms today often include a teacher’s desktop or laptop computer or notebook, a wired or wireless speaker, a laptop internet connectivity, an LCD projector and individual computers for each of the students to use in class.
In today’s modern and fast paced world, multimedia classroom technology is providing a very unique opportunity to experience the classroom learning environment. When coordinating the instructional streams with student feedback and testing, then this will enable the classroom instructors to know just when and if the intended or important message was efficiently communicated to their students. An electronic system where both the instructional and presentations of lectures can be efficiently evaluated promptly and will permit both the instructors and the students to submit quickly when there is a wide gap between understanding and improving the instruction. The e-classroom offers a main framework where the information will be collected to measure each student’s and faculty’s achievement to aid in the improvement of their learning.
Today there is a wide diversity of telecommunication based tools and educational platforms that are available for students and staff and it is promptly expanding each day. Each educational tool or platform has a very unique potential to p;lay a very important role in the classroom. These often include the selection, testing, and the efficient embedding of educational tools like the main social networking platforms. Even within the education programs, they can be very unique and challenging. The e-classrooms have been skillfully designed and professionally built. Research shows that the new learning environment for both students and faculty are friendly. It helps in breaking down some of the old traditional communications barriers that are often encountered in educational and learning practices in the classroom.
The e-Classroom is often used as a teacher’s training facility to aid in the measuring of the impact of the students like attendance, participation, interacting, and classroom involvement.
The e-Classroom is also an an online learning and educational environment where all of the online courses and materials have been coupled with the online testing that are combined to offer educational programs.
Learning experiences are developed in the older traditional education system and are based on the traditional resources. Students have been adjusting to the new modern terminology like e-Education, e-classroom, e-education technology, e-Science, e-Business, etc.

The best gift for your children is good education

If you are reading this it means you have received a given level of education. It shows that you can interpret meaning from letters, numbers and even symbols. In the current generation it is almost impossible to live without education. There are different types of education with the main groups being formal and informal. I will focus on the importance of education and use USA as my case study.
In USA today we have so many professions that people engage in, but I have not seen any that does not require education. It is the hope of every parent that one day their child will graduate and become ‘something’; a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, a nutritionist, a pilot, a mechanic, a teacher and many other professions. Why?
The question above can only be answered by another question; what will you become without education? It continues to provoke many other questions; will you be able to interpret road signs? How will you apply for jobs? Will you be able to access any medical facility? Will you be able to interpret prescriptions? How will you earn your income? What role will you play in the society? There are so many questions to ask oneself whose most probable answer is ‘no’ and so much that one can gain from education. So I think I am justified to say that the best gift for your children is good education.

Having established that education is the best gift a parent can give to a child, it is not the only gift the child will receive in the process of getting educated. Education is not easy; it involves a lot of hard work, dedication, determination and resilience. Just like any hard work education is also rewarded. Apart from the doors the just acquired knowledge will open, upon completion of a given level of education well-wishers and friends normally get gifts for the graduand. The most common gifts are: photo frames, cards, mugs, necklaces, special pens among others (get more ideas for presents here). I think I will not be wrong to say that education life is a life of gifts!

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